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At ITC Electrical Technologies, we believe that health, safety and productivity require a team approach. We understand that workplace performance and workplace safety is impacted by the way all of our employees share positive values, attitudes and behaviors.

  • ITC has developed and implemented a comprehensive Safety and Health Policy that emphasizes a wide-ranging approach to injury and illness prevention.

  • ITC has teamed with Dave Pullen of Pullen Services who serves as our safety manager and provides safety training, training records maintenance, job-site safety inspections, and on-site OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certification opportunities for our crews.

  • In addition, ITC requires that our foremen conduct and document weekly safety training for their crew, conduct a daily job-site safety analysis (JSA), and document and report all accidents and near misses directly to our safety manager.

  • ITC reviews our sub-contractor safety policies and programs to ensure they meet or exceed ITC policies. We require documentation of all safety and health training conducted by our sub-contractors.

  • ITC is a zero tolerance drug free work place. We enforce pre-employment, post-accident and random testing, testing based on reasonable cause, return-to-duty testing and follow-up testing.

  • ITC provides an active Hazard Communication program. MSDS must be maintained and readily accessible in each work area or at the primary work site and is present on all job-sites either in printed format or via our web-based communication system. Employees are informed regarding controls, work practices and personal protective equipment necessary for protection against possible exposure.

Click here for our MSDS & SDS documents