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Case Studies

Northwoods Energy is a progressive Rockies based Exploration & Production company operating primarily in the Powder River Basin. Northwoods is looking to get the most from their reserves, and to that end have rigorously tested multiple artificial lift scenarios throughout their field. Through this testing, Northwoods has chosen to partner with ITC to assist in spec’ing, designing, and building facilities capable of handling multiple forms of artificial lift on a multi well pad. From initial engineering to implementations, ITC has worked with Northwoods as they prove their reserves.

Another big part of working in this industry is keeping equipment up and running without delay or down time. Again, Northwoods has chosen ITC to be an integral part of their field team, working with the Construction and I&E Groups. When Northwoods is in a pinch, ITC has the manpower available to help our clients keep downtime to a minimum, working nights and weekends to meet deadlines or get equipment up and running. When production goals, safety, or timeliness are all equally important, Northwoods calls ITC Electrical Technologies.