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from concept and design to final install

We're a full-service electrical team built for efficiency.

We take on the tough projects in the power, oil and gas, water, alternative industries, and more.

ITC uniquely has all of these teams in-house to optimize efficiency, creativity, and safety for our clients.

Whether you are planning in advance for a project down the road or need a solution to an emergency situation right now, we’re ready to help.

Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design makes the rest of the project efficient, reliable, and safe

Our experienced engineering team creates scenarios, tests ideas, identifies issues, and implements a full-scale design, saving you time and money.

Electrical & power system design

Short Circuit and Coordination Studies with detailed Arc Flash Analysis Report

Professional Drafting

Modular Skid Engineering, Design and Layout

R&D Product Development

Concept Design

Control and Safety System Design

Automation Programming


in-house fabrication means we can make exactly what you need, fast

We’ve built a shop team of welders, mechanics, and electricians to collaborate directly with our engineers to create custom integrated electrical control systems. Our process is to pre-build when possible to create turnkey packages for smooth installation.

“Typically we build a well in a month or less. ITC does them a lot quicker than our other contractors.”

- Major Automation Foreman for an energy company

Electrical Skid and Control Panel Fabrication

Process Skids and Racks

Custom Enclosures


Project Execution

electricians in-the-field armed with everything they need to stay on schedule

Utilizing engineered designs and prefabricated systems from the shop team, our electricians are familiar with the project before they step on the site, come prepared with all the necessary tools and parts, and can work in lean teams.

Project Management

Detailed Scheduling

Material Procurement/Tracking

Construction Execution


Technical Services

as our clients evolve, we evolve

Professional services for the changing energy industry

We are problem solvers, so when you approach us we are able to jump in and develop creative solutions.

Instrumentation Calibration and Testing

Natural Gas Analytics/Chromatography

Infra-red Emissions Testing and Reporting

Electrical Testing and Maintenance

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