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We are a team of skilled professionals, creative thinkers, and hands-on problem solvers

Our company is our people. And our top priority is to support the development of motivated people into the best they can be. At ITC, your work in the electrical field and in the office is both intellectual and hands-on, which makes each day dynamic, engaging, and different.

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Our designers, engineers, fabrication team, and electricians in the field collaborate on each and every project. New apprentices gain experience from the best. And experienced electricians become engaged in a new way by mentoring people fresh to the field.

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We’re looking for people, not prior experience.

You want a fun and fulfilling career that doesn’t require a college degree, but you are feeling unsure of where to turn. We understand what it’s like to be smart and driven and not interested in college. We have supported and trained thousands of people in their electrical career. Complete our online application, join our team, and earn while you learn.

  • Demand for electricians is growing

    Employment of electricians is projected to grow 9% from 2016 to 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Get paid to learn on the job

    Apprentices start with competitive pay from Day 1 at ITC and get a 5% increase for every 1,000 hours that they work.

  • Benefits

    Apprentices get medical insurance, a pension plan, and paid school time.

  • Long-term salary potential

    Electricians have a median income of ~$54k, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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“[Working security] was just a job. It wasn’t a career. This is something that you can actually consider a career.”

- 1st year ITC apprentice

“It’s a good career path. There’s only a handful of careers that you can guarantee [are] gonna be here in 50 years, and I think electricity is one of them. I don’t think electricity’s going anywhere.”

- 1st year ITC apprentice

Experienced Electricians

You know the craft, now you’re looking for the best environment to build your career. Problem-solve and collaborate across teams to develop creative solutions from start to finish.

We hear from our electricians that our collaborative approach to executing projects and teaching apprentices has given them new engagement with their work.



Better equipped

Having the right tools for the job saves time and prevents mistakes. We equip our entire team with best-in-class gear and outfit you in custom mobile workstations designed for organization and efficiency.

Better trained

We are constantly learning about the latest innovations in the electrical field and mastering these. Our culture is geared to rapidly share how to work better with everyone.

Agile team approach

We aren’t afraid of change or solving problems on the fly. We’re as good in an emergency as in a long-term project. Our teams are typically smaller than other crews, letting us work faster and safer.

Attention to detail

We are detail-driven and willing to take the time to perfect both what’s visible and not visible.

Constant collaborators

At ITC, we know that a project includes our entire team, from in-house support, to engineers, designers, and electricians in the field. We consult each other as needed to make sure we take the best approach.

“I wish I had started at ITC 10 years earlier… but I didn’t know about them.”

- ITC electrician, automation, SCADA, measurement technician

“I don’t have to stress about how I’m going to get [a job] done or where I’m going to find this tool to get it done. Everything pretty much goes smoothly.”

- ITC electrician, automation, SCADA, measurement technician

In-House Support

You have skills that make you invaluable for supporting our clients and teams across multiple sites and project phases. You have the flexibility and creativity to help solve day-to-day issues, all while keeping the big picture and company goals in mind.

If you are looking for a career built to last, ITC is the place for you.

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