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ITC Electrical Technologies purchases Wildlife Conservation license plates for vehicle fleet

CASPER - When one of Mike Carruth’s employees approached him with an idea to purchase Wildlife Conservation license plates for his vehicle fleet, owner of ITC Electrical Technologies fully supported the idea.  The ITC Electrical Technologies team quickly moved forward to outfit the entire fleet of 50 vehicles with the new license plates. ITC made the investment for both wildlife and people. Carruth also hopes to challenge other businesses to support the program.

“I was born in Wyoming and have lived here my whole life.  I have always loved wildlife and the outdoors,” said Mike Carruth. “Today, my love and respect for the Wyoming program, people, wildlife and the land continues to grow. As a business owner, I am now capable of helping promote good stewardship and embrace the opportunity to do so.”

In 2018, the Wyoming Legislature passed House Bill 39 to create a wildlife conservation license plate for residents to help fund efforts to reduce crashes between wildlife and vehicles. The initial price of the plate is $150 with a $50 renewal fee each year. Proceeds from sales will fund overpasses, underpasses, fencing, and signage to prevent vehicle/animal collisions along wildlife migration corridors and to help facilitate seasonal wildlife movements.

Carruth continued, “I have a passion for Wyoming’s high country mule deer. I firmly believe in public access and the ability for people and wildlife to come and go freely to the high country. Now, as a business owner in Wyoming, I see the need to meld safe and accessible ways to incorporate this for both.” He is excited about the benefits to wildlife, and the public safety these funds will provide.

“When I first heard about ITC Electrical Technologies and what they were doing, I was thrilled,” said Justin Binfet, Casper wildlife management coordinator with the Wyoming Game and Fish. “People often ask what they can do to reduce car and wildlife collisions, and the answer has always been to keep their eyes open for wildlife and slow down. Now, in addition to that, people can purchase Wildlife Conservation license plates and contribute funds they will see direct benefits from.  

There are many agencies and sportsmen’s groups involved in these projects.  Wyoming is a leader in the team effort approach to solving problems to ensure the viability of Wyoming’s treasured wildlife resources.”

“We are glad to make this long-term investment in the conservation of wildlife and the safety of people and challenge other business across Wyoming to follow in our footsteps,” said Carruth.

Wildlife Conservation license plates are available through the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Visit http://www.dot.state.wy.us/wildlife_plate for more information.  If your business takes ITC Electrical Technologies up on their challenge, Game and Fish would love to hear about it so we can highlight your conservation efforts.

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Published by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department on June 19, 2019